How to choose a towbar for your car

In our workshop, more than 2,000 tow hooks have already been installed on the most diverse models. Among them, there have been both completely new and old “workhorses”. Regardless of the age of the car, many customers choose tow hooks based on the principle “the cheaper, the better”. Maybe because at first glance it seems like a piece of iron, for which there is no point in paying even 10-20€ more.

I will tell you about our vision as professionals, what quality should be and how we choose manufacturers for our clients.

The first thing we pay attention to is how towbars are made. I have personally visited European factories to make sure that all production standards are followed and that the products pass the mandatory tests. This is the only way I can recommend them to you and give a guarantee for the products installed by us.

Tip: Make sure it’s a reliable manufacturer!

Second: the tow bar should fit your car perfectly. Each towbar is developed for a specific car model. Believe me, every manufacturer has a different design, barely noticeable, but still. We have faced the fact that not all manufacturers’ towbars fit the car perfectly and their installation requires on-site fitting. As a customer, you’ll never know because everything is hidden behind the bar, but you run the risk of this whole structure rusting very quickly along with the car body, and the safety of using the trailer is also reduced.
Tip: contact only those workshops that work officially and that you can really trust.

Third: it’s a matter of aesthetics. You need to be sure that the towbar will maintain its good appearance for several years and will not rust after the first winter. We have seen towbars that are completely rusted after a year of use. Of course, the towbar is an iron structure that can rust, but how quickly it happens depends on the metal processing, painting technology and, of course, the quality of the paint.

Tip: Choose towbars that have proven themselves in our weather and avoid very cheap offers.

Maybe it’s worth paying 40-50€ more for the best painting, for the fact that nothing is cut or drilled in your new car, and simply for the fact that you entrust the car to specialists!

And don’t forget to ask for a quote with installation!

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