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Stationary or removable towbar?

Statsionaarne kärukonks

Fixed towbar Steinhof

Choose a stationary towbar if you plan to use the trailer often or if you want to invest as little as possible in installing the towbar.

Low price and ready to use

Always visible and therefore changes the exterior of the car.

Price including installation from €360

* The price may be more expensive and depends on the car model. Always ask for a personal offer! 

Removable towbar Steinhof

We recommend it if you want to keep the original exterior of the car to keep everything nice and if you plan to use the towbar a few times a year.

Most of the cars retain their original exterior completely, the removed towbar is not visible at all

Higher price

Price including installation from €470

* The price may be more expensive and depends on the car model. Always ask for a personal offer! 


7 or 13 pin towbar socket?

7 pin pistikupesa

7-pin towbar socket

Suitable for standard trailers, such as those that are rented out at gas stations, as well as for connecting bike racks. A 13-pin trailer can also be connected to the 7-pin socket via a simple transition, but some trailer equipment that requires extra contacts will not work. For example, reversing lights (if fitted) or a continuous + 12V power supply for a caravan.

Included in the installation price!

13-pin towbar socket

Necessary for a motorhome where additional electrical systems need to be connected, as well as for more serious trailers with additional lighting. By choosing a socket with 13 contacts, you get a more universal connection for every occasion. It is possible to connect a 7-pin trailer to a 13-pin socket via a simple transition.

+50 € to the price of the towbar

13 pin pistikupesa

Universal or OEM towbar module?

In today’s car, a special electronic device is required to connect the trailer to the original electrical system. We call it an electronic module or simply a module. The module ensures the correct operation of the trailer lighting and does not interfere with the operation of the original systems used in the car. The module must be installed on all cars under 10 years old. In some cases, the module is not needed for cars older than 10 years and the installation cost is lower in this case. Always ask for a personal offer!

Universaalne haakekonksu moodul

Universal towbar module

The universal module is used on almost all car brands. It only controls trailer lighting. The universal module does not check the original systems of the car, does not “notify” the car computer that the trailer is connected. This means that systems such as parking sensors or the stabilization system do not know anything about the trailer and can cause an error when using the trailer. On most vehicles, these systems can be manually turned off while the trailer is in use.

Included in the installation price!

OEM towbar module

The module is called original because it is connected directly to the car’s computer, informs the car about the connected trailer and automatically ensures the correct operation of all original systems when driving with a trailer. On most vehicles, when a trailer is connected, the parking sensors are automatically switched off and the original system reports the status of the trailer lights. For driving with a trailer, the work of the adaptive cruise control is also optimized, and if there is a stabilization system, it also takes the trailer into account. For some new VW / Škoda, BMW and Peugeot models, the original module is mandatory.

+ 150€ to the price of the towbar

Originaalne kärukonksu moodul

Professional towbar installation

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